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Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Latest on My Music Ticket

Social Networking rolls out a pay day. Get paid for what you are already doing!!

* Does You Tube send deposits to your bank account?
* Does My Space pay you for using their website?
* Does Face Book share their revenue with you?
* Does ZenZuu put a check in your mailbox?
* Does Tagged contribute to your budget?


My Music Ticket wants to do exactly that...

o pay you to promote your own business, products, service and opportunities...
o for traffic you drive to your own site, sending & reading mail...
o store front traffic -whether they buy, join or just look...
o write a blog, share pictures, post an article...
o chat, music, video, games... and EVERY PAGE VIEW COUNTS.

My Music Ticket Launches Worldwide in mid April...
April Showers... people will be raining into MMT
...act TODAY and Reserve Your Link for the Day One Launch.
It's Giddyup Time Right Now.

Listen to the 24/7 Recorded Call, visit the My Music Site Splash Page for details, get on board NOW....

Join Our MusicTicketBuilders Team...

...and show this site to your Leaders & Builders NOW.

Dial: 1-616 / 712-2848
This line is now live & will be updated daily

* 1. How to join the MMT Social Network for free and win cash and prizes every month.
* 2. Musicians, how to earn income every time your music is played on MMT
* 3. How to make money every time someone visits your MMT website and sees your product, service, business or opportunity -whether they buy, join or just look.
* 4. 24 / 7 Updates on MMT Launch (currently has Sunday, 4/12 call)
* 5. Interviews with MMT owners
* 6. Testimonials from top marketing leaders
* 7. Recording of most recent MMT Conference Call

Websites / Links / Launching April 2009

* 3 Options: Free Member, Paid Member $19.95, Premium $59.95
* Page View, Traffic Pool, Cash & Merchandise Giveaways for Free Members
* Up to 20 page websites for Paid Members, promote any product, service, company or opp
* Fast Start Bonus on Personally Sponsored at Paid Member
* 3 x 10 Matrix on Subscription for Paid Members
* Uni-Level, with 20% Match 5 Generations Deep on Page Views for Paid Members
* E-commerce ready store on your site, sell up to 100 items, you keep 100% of the sale.
* 5 Generation Commission on members trying Free Trial of Music - Video Offer
* Traffic Packages, 5 Generation Commission back to you

Premium Members, All the Above PLUS

* Premium Member Fast Start Bonus
* Additional Premium Member Monthly Residual
* Company Profit Sharing on Global Revenues
* Up to 50 Pages on your website
* Company Store Outlet on Your Site, 5 Generation, 20% Matching Bonus
* 3 Additional Global Pools for Silver, Gold, Platinum Sponsorship
* Silver, Gold & Premium Pools Pay 5 Generation, 20% Matching Bonus

music, video, movies, games, e-mail, video chat and more...

MY MUSIC TICKET - It's the Internet all in One Place

To get the latest go to
Ready to join I already have a sponsor taking names send an email to

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